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directory is created at the top-level directory when checkout is run.

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As soon as the new library is added and committed, email notification goes out, and the waiting developer sees the code is ready to use.So, he runs cvs upd -d in the appropriate directory to pull in the new library code and then sets about integrating it with his work. Just add a line like this to the Often, the email address is a mailing list, which has all the interested parties (developers or otherwise) on the distribution list.file allows you to give CVS default options for commands that work with files.Lines in this file consist of a sh-style filename pattern followed by a -k (keyword substitution mode) option and/or an -m (update method) option.While this construct looks like a shell environment variable reference, the full environment is not available. So, when CVS prints this message, it is checking out the latest revisions of the administrative files.

If you have added files to the Whenever a commit is being processed, CVS consults this file to determine whether or not any precommit checking of the file is required.Developers can monitor this stream of notices to determine when they should pull the latest development code into their private sandboxes.For example, consider a developer doing some preparatory work in his sandbox while he awaits stabilization and addition of another developer's new library.CVS then looks for a pattern that matches the name of each particular file and runs the additional checks found, if any.CVS constructs the command line for the checking program by appending the full path to the directory within the repository and the list of files being committed (this means you can specify the first few command-line arguments to the program, if necessary).Each line of the file contains a directory name pattern, followed by the path of a program to invoke when files are commited in directories with matching names.