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There was a great deal of taping of the sermons, so much so that a special room was dedicated to the tape recorders and after the services were over, anyone could retrieve their tape for later listening or distribution to anyone wanting one.

Copies could be made from the archived sermons and sent anywhere for the cost of postage and the blank tape.

It’s now easier than ever before to reach people you don’t know.

Church singles are searching online through search engines like Google and Yahoo for Christian singles groups in their area.

We’re looking for volunteers that would like to in their city.

This outreach is designed to bring Christian singles together, dispel loneliness and isolation, minister to their social needs and direct people to a Bible-based church like Calvary Chapel, Assemblies of God or Foursquare Gospel for their spiritual needs to be met.

While I do not have direct experience with Thieme; my experience may be relevant to your question.

As teenager I spent about 8 hours per week in Bible Study and like Thieme, my pastor taught from the original languages so I became somewhat literate in Biblical Hebrew and especially in Koine Greek.There will soon be over 3,000 web sites referenced from this site.The ministry here is to make it as easy as possible to search for and find the answers you seek concerning God's will and God's Way.I am searching for people who have had a background in this church, also people known as 'tapers' across the U. I am looking to collect ex-members thoughts on their time under 'the Colonel'. There was always a table full of booklets by Thieme free for the taking and the scructure of the church was modeled after Berachah.The pastor of my church was also a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary.Greetings,i'm not expecting much, as i realise that this group generally flies under the radar.