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Ok, I thought that might do the trick to warm you back up.

So what does the story of Carrie’s love life have to do with YOUR love life? That’s why this week I’m giving you a short homework assignment – and this is what could be the most valuable 5 minutes you’ll ever spend on your love life: I need you to think about one of the first things I recognized about women way back in junior high – it’s something I still see it today in our “” dating world.

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Or even more to the point – why do women pick all the wrong guys?If you’ve had your heart broken, been cheated on, or find yourself giving everything you’ve got inside, to get little or nothing in return, then you know what I’m talking about.Bad boys offer something those nice guy don’t and it’s why too many of you pick the wrong guy for you.”ou’re about to spend the most useful 5 minutes you’ve ever spent on improving your future love life.There’s something I want you to do that I KNOW will improve your natural ability to read into a man’s behavior and his mind.Here is some great examples right out of the Catch him and Keep Him e Book…For example, using the same playful and confident tone, with a slight mischievous grin, asking, “So what are your weaknesses when it comes to women?

”“How would your last girlfriend describe you to her friends?

And of course, as with all good TV, the two find each other by luck and fate, and Big finally professes his love.

Talk about romantic, intense, suspenseful and full of great drama!

This will paint you in a VERY unique light in HIS mind, and instantly make you more attractive than most of the other women he has likely met.

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