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Besides Winter Sonata, Choi Ji-Woo has played in several movies and dramas that are also undoubtedly incredible.Here are some some popular series and movies that Ji-Woo performed in and you shouldn’t miss out on; Stairway to Heaven (2003), The Suspicious Housekeeper (2013) and Temptation (2014) and the romantic comedy series Twenty Again (2015) and Woman with a Suitcase (2016).

And for celebrities, some of them do not feel ashamed to open up about their plastic surgery experience. After all, her plastic surgery method was categorized as confident because her aim was an attractive appearance. She graduated from Busan Women’s College, having majored in Aerobic Dance.She also enrolled in Hanyang University’s Theater and Film Department, but only for her first year.” She then further clarified their relationship, “I am very close with Lee Seo Jin. And through him I was able to gain a lot of good influence.” She then talked about her fellow cast member, Kim Joo Hyuk, from her upcoming movie “Like for Likes.” She said, “I got a lot of help from Kim Joo Hyuk.

Both Kim Joo Hyuk and Lee Seo Jin help me stand out when we are on screen.” Choi Ji Woo plays a clumsy older woman who works as a flight attendant in “Like for Likes.” The movie is about incorporating the theme of romance with the modern trend of sharing our daily lives through social media.But sadly, after 3 years together, this couple broke up in 2011.Until now, she has been focusing on her career as an actress and she still has no idea about when she wants to get married. That chemistry set off dating rumors that persist almost a year later.The actors worked together on the 2015 episode of the program that also starred four actors in their seventies, Lee Soon Jae, Shin Goo, Baek Il Seob, and Park Geun Hyung.On the other hand, her nose seems longer and smaller.