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I’ve never heard of someone abstaining from sex until they make enough money to date a model.

By contrast, Baby Boomers have been a source of media fascination from the get-go (witness their name).

When I was a Boston Globe reporter, one of my best interviews was with David Blanchflower, professor of economics at Dartmouth, who has analyzed the relationship between money and sex.

And when I bought it, in September, I worried that it was over-the-top-cheap.

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And they took the best education this country had to offer, and then depleted the education system for the next generation.

And, to the surprise of all the baby boomers who have been trash-talking Gen-X forever, it’s Gen-X that will bail this country out of the mess the baby boomers got us into.(Great quote from Barack: “I’m not a plates-on-the-walls kind of guy.”) And she’s heading toward Pottery Barn.

This trend is very freeing to me because my favorite dress for this winter is from Target.