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Patric says most newcomers to Sociolotron cancel their accounts within a day or two.

Creating a world where people want to stay – and pay – is a huge challenge, in part because it's out of your control.

Once you open the platform to the public, it becomes theirs, and the community that forms will determine the fate of your investment.

"We put our lives into this, so it's very important to us.

We think we're offering something that helps people live a better life."For JOI residents, the boundaries between virtual world and real world are fluid, a convergence the community supports and encourages.

I can be doing the dishes and still listen," she says.

Neither Sociolotron nor JOI are static, and both designers are working on new features.A running joke about capturing other people's panties led to a panty-collecting game with in-world cash awards and prizes.A new mall that caters only to the Elite Perv Society – residents who earn a certain threshold of "experience points" by participating in chat – includes a wedding store for in-world unions."This is something that came directly out of the community, and they love it," she says. I've experienced first-hand the welcoming hugs and greetings for newbies, and residents go out of their way to show you around, help you set up a house and start earning your jewels."The first thing that brings people (to Sociolotron) is the sex," says Patric."But that's not the reason they stay."They stay, he says, because of the people they socialize with.It's hard to get into (for casual players)," he says.