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I don’t know if I would say I was in love exactly but I finally understood the butterflies in your stomach kind of feeling.Well flash forward to this past month, it was by far the most disappointing month I’ve ever experienced.He treats me like an acquaintance not even a friend. So here’s my problem (I know I’m sorry this is long, I’ve got a lot on my mind lol) from the combined events above, my mental state has been very poor.

Plans that I had made months in advance, people bailed at the last second.I had two job interviews within two days of each other and both I got rejected from as well as a couple others where I didn’t even get to the interview stage.It took a couple of months but we started talking in May and spoke all day and night.He was literally the first person I heard from in the morning and the last person I talked to at night.Little sibiling got curious, asks to see the profile picture, asked about the person.

Life's go on until a few weeks ago little sibiling started a literal campain that I should marry Charlie.On Catholic Match, my response rate is about 1 in 12, and of those, maybe half turn into extended conversations and/or dates.On Catholic Chemistry, the response rate is about 1 in 4, although there are far fewer people on there.If you want to date someone who follows the Catholic church, it’s worth becoming a member of catholic dating sites with global membership bases.Although it’s not always the most comfortable conversation topic, religion can matter a lot in the dating scene.I have been saying the 54 day novena to Mother Mary for about 11 days now, but I’ve been getting increasingly depressed as the days go on.