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Although I usually don’t enjoy shows that revolve heavily around kids, the writers make Wheeler more than just traditionally obnoxious. Written by George Tibbles, Fran Van Hartesveldt & Bill Kelsay | Directed by James V.

Kern Sitcoms have regularly done episodes upon this variation: one character lies to another and then the lie keeps growing and growing.

As familiar as the lyrics have become, it is surprising now to look back and realize that the entire first season only gave us only instrumental versions of the Maverick theme. This multi-camera sitcom aired for two half-seasons before turning into a short-lived 1958 variety show.A triangle is developed when Wilma introduces Wheeler to the exact opposite — a snobby teenage actress who revels in name dropping. 08) Episode 20: “Diane” (Aired: 11/01/57) Vickie worries when Gus’ old high school flame comes to reminisce.Written by George Tibbles, Bill Kelsay & Fran Van Hartesveldt | Directed by James V.Everything that could possibly keep Gus from surprising Vickie as he planned happens; and it’s to great comedic effect. 07) Episode 13: “Return Of The Wheel” (Aired: 09/06/57) Wheeler comes back to visit and gets caught in a love triangle.

Meanwhile, the episode makes natural use of Betty White’s real life love of animals, and allows many moments for the ensemble members to shine. Written by George Tibbles, Bill Kelsay & Fran Van Hartesveldt | Directed by James V.Written by George Tibbles, Fran Van Hartesveldt & Bill Kelsay | Story by Muriel Roy Bolton | Directed by James V.Kern Although the fact that Gus refuses to allow Vickie to work (something that she doesn’t seem to mind) comes across as incredibly dated — even for 1957 — this installment makes time for some great comedy as Vickie wreaks havoc in a department store to the chagrin of her new boss.The show’s greatest strength was its excellent use of recurring character actors.Natalie Masters and Roy Engle played the couple’s best friends, Maudie Prickett and Richard Reeves played obnoxious neighbors, Gage Clark played an obstetrician while Lillian Bronson played his outspoken mother, Burt Mustin and Richard Deacon played eccentric neighbors (father and son), Jimmy Boyd played their nephew, and Nancy Kulp played Vickie’s friend who worked in a department store.Kern Gus gets sick on the day that Vickie is throwing a baby shower for her friend Wilma.