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Plus, we have useful tips for protecting your child from cyberbullying and other online safety hazards. If you're scratching your head, it's time to read up on the trendy new social media apps kids are using.

Friending your child on Facebook is now just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to online safety.

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Omegle chat lets you enjoy a live video chat with cool guys and cute girls from all around the world.Just like it, Ome TV is the next generation webcam chat offering you online video conversations with random people.This is a place where bullying, nudity, violence, and profanity is common. What Parents Should Worry: There is nudity and sexual encounters in areas that are for 18 , but there is sexual talk and behaviors in the regular area of IMVU as well.There is a Chat Now feature that randomly pairs users with other users and can lead to inappropriate pairings and interactions.You Tube also has a known pedophile problem which is major cause for concern. It calls itself β€œthe most honest place on the internet.” This app is extremely popular in middle schools and high schools and it allows kids to ask and answer questions anonymously. Users can vlog about their lives, live stream video game play, and host their own shows.

Why Parents Should Worry: It is a regular occurrence to see cyber bullying, violent threats, and sexual content. The age restrictions are inconsistent ranging from 12 to 16, but this app is inappropriate for anyone younger than being in their late teens. Why Parents Should Worry: There is no age verification and users have to provide personal info like their age and location. IMVU stands for Instant Messaging Virtual Universe.British schools have sent home letters calling for students to stop using because of its use in several cyberbullying incidents there, and its loose regulation and lack of monitoring. K., the site added a button where users can report abuse, but some parents feel it's too little, too late.Check out Webwise's Guide for Parents and Teachers.Our Omegle chat alternative allows you to enjoy the video chat on your phone or tablet - with the Ome TV chat app.More than 10 million people have already downloaded the app because of its simplicity and powerful features.Purpose: Tinder's developers describe the app as "the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you." But it's mainly used as a dating tool or an anonymous hook-up (read: one-night stand) locator by 20-somethings, college students, and even younger teens and tweens. ) Why Parents Should Worry: The app is rated ages 17 but Tinder's privacy policy allows teens as young as 13 to register (the app connects with Facebook β€” which is also technically for ages 13 β€” to pull in photos for users' Tinder profiles).