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Keywords can include your interests, hobbies and even the type of work a potential match may do.Zoosk was launched in 2007 and is relatively new in the industry of online dating. The feature of Zoosk that makes it unique and convenient is that you essentially do not need to sign-up for an account. However, you will need a subscription to do more than just view photos and profiles.

They contain clean content suitable for most viewers.

However, some of them are definitely not safe for work (NSFW) and you shouldn't visit them at work, around the kids, or anywhere in public. Somewhat SFW: The Chive is a photo and video blog of the wacky, insane, and the curious.

Friend Finder goes beyond your typical profiles and searches and provides users with a wide-variety of tools and articles.

is the longest running and best dating sites for a reason.

This site offers a wide variety of features including a three-step program for finding relationships, polls, articles, personality profiling, and e-mail.

You can also see when users are last online, narrow your search to within miles of your home and view profiles in their entirety without a paid subscription.

offers a unique feature that a majority of dating sites does not offer…security.

is sure to let users know that they are safe when dating on

One of the best features on this site is the keyword searchers.

The design and layout of Matchmaker allow users to search for potential dates with keywords.

Starting a relationship online can present a challenge and may even be scary for some.