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I began to learn more and more about the world of pastry and my life became more beautiful because I love my work so much. Through my experience I discovered what were the difficult and easy ingredients to work with and found that chocolate used for decoration for example, was one of my favorite ingredients to work with.

Next head to the Roman Amphitheater but go there on foot either via King Talal Street or Queaish Street. The walk takes some time, about one to two hours depending on how long you linger, but it will take you through some of the more interesting parts of Amman where the locals shop and eat. What you will see are large bustling markets, ancient winding streets, mosques and little alleys that end in restaurants serving steaming slabs of lamb and fresh baked bread. It helped make this the perfect 2 day itinerary in Amman, Jordan.

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Al Qasr Metropole Hotel, Amigo, Copas Central, Fakhreldin, Kebab Express, The Nub, The Qyard, Ren Chai, Trattoria, Vinaigrette, Wild Jordan Center, Yoshi, Amra Barcelona, Misk Al Bahar, Taboula and Sismsim Levantine Eatery are all managed by ATICO Fakhreldin Group.

With this diverse and very varied gastronomic offering, quality becomes an essential integral component of the growing industry.

Some travelers use Amman merely as a transfer point on the way to the archaeological marvels of Petra and Jerash. You taste it in the nutty, honey desserts sold throughout the city, and you feel it in the smiles and hospitality of the people. To get a good understanding of Jordanian history and culture, start your day at the new Jordan Museum.

This beautifully curated museum in downtown Amman offers multimedia exhibits presenting Jordanian culture in an engaging way.

I am ISO 9015 Lead Auditor, IRCA certified, ISO 22008 Internal Auditor.

I’ve worked previously as a Danata Quality Control Technician, as a Chizhilda Quality Assurance Officer, in Seagulls as Quality Assurance Supervisor and most recently now at ATICO Fakhreldin Group as a Quality Assurance Supervisor, since October 2018. Would you consider your gender an obstacle in your field? Never, because it is known that there is no kind of business monopoly on males without females, and success of work is not because of gender, but with knowledge and passion and love of work and that gives an internal motivation for success.

Established in 1991, ATICO Fakhreldin Group is a Jordanian holding company operating in multi-service hospitality management.

Since its inception the acquisition and redevelopment of what is now a world-class boutique hotel).

We had a talk with our new Quality Assurance Supervisor, Ms.

Duaa Al Suliman and she gave an insight on her new job. I graduated from University of Jordan with a BSC in Occupied Food Science and Technology.

Successful tips you would share with young Pastry Chefs….