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But our latest Narratively story isn't available online.

Instead, we printed the entire thing on a tote bag, and it's available only to Narratively Patrons.

We are also learning a great deal about historical perceptions of sexuality as we analyse the stigmas around homosexuality and the circumstances that prevented people living their lives as freely as we do today.

We are PQA Edinburgh, a weekend children’s performing arts academy based in Scotland’s beautiful and historic capital.

We tried to figure out what we felt were the main themes, and what Bartlett was trying to present. You have the analogy of the bullfight and that image is very rich.

We began by brainstorming our reactions to the script.

Taking a show to Edinburgh really is an experience none of us forget.

Past company members have returned to the Fringe producing, writing and performing in their own work – such is the strength of their experiences.

Why not come along and see us in this brilliant production – we’d love to see you!

Good luck and break a leg to all the brilliant amateur companies taking NHB-licensed shows to the Edinburgh Fringe this year!

The distinction between a “laid-back experience” like Youtube compared to the quickened, short-attention-span curated experience of a high school student using Snapchat during class makes all the difference in the content they create.

This means their sports content must reflect that reality and they get pretty strong signals when it’s not working.

Last week Snap premiered an Overwatch League partnership called the “Overwatch League Minute” in the discover section that updates viewers on the latest news across the league.2.