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If you can't make it to your interview on time, it shows a potential employer that you are not reliable.

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Smiling increases likability and shows a positive, confident energy.

Hiring managers tend to favor candidates that are positive and engaging. Smile often where appropriate during the interview.

When armed with the right information, though, interviewees can relax and focus on what’s really important: selling a professional image and highlighting relevant experience.

From before to during and after the interview, this guide brings practical tips from human resource managers and recruiters that can give job seekers an edge over the competition.

Write down answers to some common interview questions, like "what are you good at and passionate about? " Reference these written answers if your mind goes blank during the interview.

Too much makeup, cologne, jewelry or flamboyant colors can turn off an interviewer or be distracting.

Even if the office dress is casual, dress in business attire for an interview. Men should wear a suit or slacks, a dress shirt and a coat or tie.

Women should wear a suit or dress slacks or a skirt and a professional blouse.

Research competitors, the position and the industry as a whole to show the potential employer you are serious about joining their team.